Magnum’s Blog – Month 1

Every new year’s day I do an annual exercise where I sit and write out all of the positive memories I’ve had from the past year.  I don’t let myself look at my calendar and I have to do it all in one go.  This accomplishes a couple of things. 

First, it’s an annual barometer of how well I’m living my life.  If I don’t have at least fifty positive memories from the previous year I’m not living right.  Secondly it’s a great reminder of just how amazing life is and it reinforces a positive mental picture of my life’s story.  

Today I realized I only just started writing this blog one month ago, thanks to the positive encouragement of Pancake Mouse, the Red Quest, and Nash.  They have definitely been right.  

On the one hand the last 30 days have felt like business as usual.  But taking a moment to look back I realize it’s been a pretty fucking amazing start to the year.  This past month I’ve been to two new countries, and slept with five new girls in addition to three of my regulars

I’ve written 19 posts including some I’m especially proud of such as my first date model and my thoughts on that there is no “end game” for men. In the past few weeks I’ve been in 95 degree tropical heat and now 4 degree freezing cold here in New York and everything in between.

And I’ve been making good progress across my goals for the year including launching a new business.

It’s been great to get some regular followers and some excellent comments as well.  Thank you all.

Our day to day can be rough sometimes.  But with a little perspective it’s easy to see how good life really is.  

Here’s to living large.

Author: Magnum

One thought on “Magnum’s Blog – Month 1”

  1. > This past month I’ve been to two new countries

    In terms of your larger goals of exploring the world and your options for the future, I know this is a big deal.

    I am stoked for you, man.

    The blog itself will help put some things in order.

    Viva Magnum.


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